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Decoration guide: seven kinds of wrong mentality of home decoration

Date2016-08-23 16:17:15

The most typical example is the choice of decoration company. The average household decoration in the decoration company before the general will also allow 2-5 home decoration company to do the budget, which is a low budget to choose which. In fact, according to common sense, we can know that the decoration is almost manual work, so the cost of each type of unit time cost are similar, although the company's operations, management costs are lower, but the proportion allocated to each of the decoration cases and large companies, how can they make much lower than the company's budget? Where are their profits? It is to reduce the process, shoddy, supplementary budget, actually is not how much cheaper.
Self righteous trouble
The strange thing is, some of those experiences have not fully understand the decoration owners will suffer the most. A building materials business owners are very good at material, so it will persist in wilfully and arbitrarily in the choice of materials. High floor balcony, the owners in the decoration should pay attention to the protection on the balcony of the, to minimize the use of heavier stone paving the floor, so the designer with the general floor tiles, but owners in the pursuit of "beauty", the heavier marble, in order to solid, and with the many cement mortar, plus the balcony loading, results in less than two years time, the balcony of the connection can be generated at the crack, and danger.
He had no idea
The money spent is the most obedient, who had no idea of decoration. They are more likely to believe that designers, project managers, and material suppliers. In the decoration of the budget table, we sometimes see the price is extremely expensive high-tech materials, but the decoration industry is not a high-tech industry, involving products, services, new technology is very rare in the high-tech.
Petty petty gain
The most painful is the decoration of a lot of money are spent, but hesitate in money, give yourself a lot of trouble. Now many of the owners of the home decoration materials used in almost all the first-line brand products. But in the purchase of switches, such as small wood panels and other small building materials, but easy to neglect. Bought building materials, some of the decoration is directed to the product promotion, under the guise of "buy send one", "clearance", spelled a life to the building materials to move home, but the world there is no such thing as a free lunch, in the acceptance of the decoration is not toxic substances content is too high, switching the did not take long to bad.
Decoration guide: seven kinds of wrong mentality of home decoration

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