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China's home industry from scale expansion to fine work

Date2016-08-23 16:17:15

2008, unexpectedly, turbulent changes into a sudden change in the situation.
Off the Wall Street financial tsunami swept across the country, spread to the real economy; China's real estate industry came to a standstill, home industry real estate downstream industries have become so interdependent. By the real estate industry to adjust the size of the country's fixed asset investment, began to decline in growth, which will directly lead to the decline in home demand, so that the industry has a huge impact on the current over investment situation.
Home industry fixed asset investment scale of the "great leap forward", in the economic boom period is "doping", in the economic downturn is "poison". So, last year the spread of a number of enterprises in the taste of sweetness soon began to drink alone, bitter and not known to outsiders.
National Federation of furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce, chairman of the board of directors of the company Ding Zuohong, chairman of the behavior trajectory. Hot in 2007, facing the competitors of the "great leap forward", Ding Zuohong stubbornly choose the "lonely", always canter, then even the despised by the people. Today, last year alone for today's "counter cyclical" business opportunities. Six months ago, there have been "Asia's first title of the export of export-oriented enterprises Nantong Fuhao furniture factory, finally could not withstand the financial cold invasion and declared bankruptcy, nearly a thousand employees lost their jobs. In November 28th, Dingsa Hiroshi invested 40000000 yuan acquisition of Nantong Regal Furniture Factory officially resumed. To live without flowers around, not on the show, 600 employees with a flag raising ceremony witnessed the rebirth of enterprises.
Ding Zuohong's good friends, Yoshimori Ikuni, founder, chairman Zou Wenlong also insist on their own business logic - a type of business to do products, two categories of enterprises to do the brand, three categories of enterprises to do standards". In the fiery 2007, Zou Wenlong insisted that the three principle: not short of money, not private, not listed. Based on their own innovation, through the upgrading of industrial model, forming the core competitiveness of others can not copy.
Like swimming and fright Latin dance, summer old, in "Hamlet" lines "survival or destruction. This is a problem", found the Champs Elysees in the face of crisis model values -- "plan for the worst, do their best".
The British gentleman Chinese Matt B&Q in business breakthrough in the ancient oriental philosophy has finally found the answer. Meng Zi. There are people on the "LLA first chapter said:" although there is wisdom, not right; although I stayed at the base." Mean, although there is wisdom, it is better to take advantage of the situation; although there is not farming hoe, etc.. B&Q began to decisively shut down some of the stores in China, to do a flexible front shrink, from the scale of expansion to the fine work of every store's profitability.
China's home industry from scale expansion to fine work

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