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Passive low energy architecture Dongnuanxialiang principle

Date2016-08-23 16:17:15

Passive and low energy consumption of residential building is the biggest characteristic of high thermal insulation heat insulation performance and air tightness, winter room inside and outside heat source to provide the heat can be more durable and retained in the indoor, indoor living common personnel and the lamp, refrigerators and other appliances emit heat, enough up even more than every day through the building envelope heat dissipation of heat.
At the same time, it is guaranteed that there is enough fresh air to air exchange performance under the condition of high air tightness. According to try to live in the building in winter reflect tenants. The building interior not only comfortable temperature, the air is fresh, more surprising is the ultra clean sex. In recent years, the North China winter haze weather is more and more serious, the general residential day to wipe the table cloth, wipe with mop. Otherwise, a day falls is a layer of dust. And the passive house, even a week once, can not feel the dust, no time to clean the room every day, the office, which is the more bright spot for the passive house.
The ultra clean performance of passive house mainly depends on the high air tightness of the building, but also the good air filter device of the new building, which can filter most of the air in the air. Responsible for design of fresh air heat recovery system of trial in the house of the expert, is also preparing to replace the fresh air filtering device in the building heat recovery device into a type of filtering PM2.5 particles, then, residential architectural experiment the passive ultra clean sex will increase to a higher level.
The passive low energy building exterior insulation layer thickness of 270mm, air tightness and excellent, the winter is warmer than the traditional building, it will not be more hot than the traditional building, in fact, for residential buildings, the impact of the summer on the indoor environment is too solar radiation, and not indoor human and electrical appliances, solar radiation caused by the heat of the residential indoor environment is much greater than the heat effect of indoor heat.
In the hot summer, the passive building can by virtue of its high heat insulation and high air tightness of the building envelope, as far as possible to reduce the thermal effect of solar radiation. The hot summer climate conditions caused by the indoor environment (such as the refrigerator insulation layer), and then we can give full play to its interior reinforced concrete structure of the good storage cold and heat performance, the heat source in the indoor and outdoor indoor heating will not reinforced concrete structural materials used, provided by fresh air heat recovery system of fresh air, indoor steel structure wall heat accumulated promptly discharged to the outside, this kind of heat effect can make the summer indoor heat caused by the indoor environment is reduced as low as possible. In this way, the summer sauna days, even if not open air conditioning, the interior will be cool and comfortable, so you can not use as much as possible to use air conditioning.
Passive low energy architecture Dongnuanxialiang principle


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