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Low energy saving building to lead the new direction of China's environmental protection

Date2016-08-23 16:17:15

With the rapid development of urban construction, China's building energy consumption has increased year by year, has reached 32% of the total social energy consumption, coupled with the annual housing construction material production energy consumption of about 13%, building total energy consumption has reached 45% of the total energy consumption. Huge building energy consumption, has become a huge burden on the national economy. Therefore, the construction industry comprehensive energy conservation is imperative. China should take a new road to industrialization, resource conservation and environmental friendly, and the first of all, we should not neglect the building energy efficiency. Comprehensive building energy saving is conducive to promoting energy resource conservation and rational utilization, to ease the contradiction between China's energy resources supply and economic and social development, to accelerate the development of circular economy and achieve sustainable development of economy and society.
Building energy conservation has become a major focus of energy saving and environmental protection. Under the severe energy crisis and the pressure of energy saving and reducing consumption, the passive construction technology has attracted more and more attention, which is based on its green energy saving and environmental protection. Passive house has stood the forefront of the world's energy saving building. The EU even rules, from 2020 onwards the European Union to allow the construction of passive housing. In our country, the green building has entered the era of large-scale development, "Twelfth Five Year" period, plans to complete the construction of 1000000000 square meters of green building; by the end of 20%, 2015 of urban new construction will meet the requirements of green building standards.
Low energy saving building to lead the new direction of China's environmental protection

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