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Why passive low energy consumption building

Date2016-08-23 16:17:15

"Passive low energy consumption building," the main heat from the sun. Therefore, sunny parts of the building have large areas of glass window, and is provided with shutters, according to the need of automatic opening and closing, collect heat. But the "passive energy saving building" is more important than the insulation and sealing technology to create a space that is relatively isolated from the outside, to prevent the cold air to enter; and the sun, as well as household appliances, and even the body's own heat to stay indoors. Therefore, heat preservation is the key of "passive energy saving building".
At present, the popular practice is the use of heat preservation material, thick wall and roof. Usually the external wall insulation layer thickness can reach 20 centimeters, the roof insulation layer reached 30 cm; the floor between the walls are also covered with insulation board; windows use three layers of glass, glass filled with inert gas, to improve the insulation performance. In addition, as far as possible to maintain the overall housing sealing, as far as possible to reduce the indoor heat escape and cold air to enter, but also the "passive energy saving building" an important part of. For this purpose, the housing in the design of the full consideration to the construction of the closure of the node. Doors, windows, etc. are taken to seal measures, can achieve very good sealing effect.
Why passive low energy consumption building

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