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The advantages and disadvantages of the external wall insulation technology

Date2016-08-23 16:17:15

Exterior wall insulation technology
The exterior wall insulation is placed in the external wall of the insulation material, the inside and outside of the wall between the inside and outside the wall piece can be used concrete hollow block.
1) to form an effective protection for the inner wall and insulation material, the material for the insulation material is not high (source: China), polystyrene, glass wool and urea formaldehyde;
2) the construction season and construction conditions are not very high, not affect the winter construction. In Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, northern Gansu and other cold regions have been a certain application.
1) in the non freezing region, this kind of wall is thicker than the traditional wall;
2) the connection between inner and outer wall pieces need to be connected, and the structure is more complex than the traditional wall;
3) the peripheral structure of "thermal bridge" more. In the earthquake zone, building circle beam and structural column settings, "bridge" more insulation materials efficiency is still not fully play.
4) outside the walls by the outdoor climate, the temperature difference between day and night and the large temperature difference between summer and winter, easy to cause the wall cracking and leakage of rainwater.

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