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The advantages of rubber insulation material

Date2016-08-23 16:16:18

1, green environmental protection: does not contain harmful chlorine in the atmosphere, in accordance with the ISO14000 international environmental certification requirements, so in the installation and application will not produce any harmful pollutants.
2, low thermal conductivity: rubber is high-quality energy-saving insulation materials, is separated from the cold, the bane of anti condensation insulation, low thermal conductivity and stability, on any medium of heat insulation effect
3, good fireproof performance, rubber and plastic materials conform to the national standard GB 8624 "building materials combustion performance analysis method, the test decision for GB 8624 B1 level flame retardant material.
4, closed cell type structure: rubber as a closed cell type structure, the outside air in the water is very difficult to penetrate into the material, with excellent resistance to water vapor permeability, cold insulation insulation layer appearance will not to add steam insulation layer. Rubber wet resistance factor U value greater than 3500 (ISO9346) constitute a built-in water vapor barrier, even scratch the product does not affect the overall vapour. Rubber is an insulating layer and moisture-proof layer.
5, thin materials, space: rubber with a thickness of about 2/3 less than other insulation materials. Therefore can save the floor ceiling above space, enhances the indoor height.
6, the use of long life: rubber has excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, anti cold, anti heat, anti drying, moisture resistance, also has anti UV, ozone resistance, twenty-five years aging, deformation, free maintenance service life and other characteristics.
7, the appearance of high-grade, neat, beautiful: rubber has high elasticity, smooth surface, soft texture, even installed on the elbow, tee, valves and other irregular component can keep complete and beautiful appearance, does not need to be decorated, even if the ceiling is not insurable have high-grade.
8, convenient and quick installation: together because the material is soft, and without other auxiliary layer, installation is convenient, for the installation of the pipeline, with the pipeline installation schedule, the rubber pipe section and then the special glue adhesive and can be.
The advantages of rubber insulation material


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