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Shandong Huaneng Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. is the key enterprise of domestic profession in passive low energy consumption building materials, building energy conservation and heat preservation materials and other new thermal insulation material. In 2007, we were identified as the Shandong "exterior insulation application of technical regulations "editor units. In 2008, we were identified as Shandong building energy conservation supervision and assessment unit. In 2009, the company was identified as a demonstration unit that Shandong province external wall insulation technology products. In 2010, the company was named as Shandong construction technology innovation demonstration enterprise. In 2011, the company was named as the 50 strong construction of polystyrene board thin plastering exterior insulation system by Shandong province science and technology association. In 2012, we set up a joint venture with University of Jinan and build the school enterprise practice teaching base and thermal insulation materials research institute. In 2014, we invest and establish the Shandong chaoli machinery technology Co.,Ltd. and start to R & D and manufacture thermal insulation machinery. And set up two major production bases in Hebei and a logistics center, at the same time form a sound logistics service system.

Company was founded in 2000, covers an area of more than 300 acres, with a total investment of 250 million yuan, is the largest thermal insulation materials production enterprises in East China. Specializing in external wall insulation, pipe insulation, city heat supply pipeline insulation, thermal insulation and heat preservation of solar air conditioning equipment, is a production,and sales that construction in one of the enterprises.

We are in the spirit of "committed to energy saving, focusing on environmental protection" business philosophy, and strive to build the first brand of thermal insulation in Shandong province. From 2000 to 2009, our company senior management personnel and professional project managers were investigated in France, the United States and other European well-known  manufacturers  that engaged in professional heat, absorb international advanced production technology and construction experience. In March 2004, relying on the  the scientific research strength of company, we succeed in establishing "Hua Jie" Extrusion insulation board (XPS), polystyrene (EPS) thin plastering exterior insulation system. The system uses a professional bonding technology and a unique protective structure, the whole insulation layer is more robust and durable, safe and reliable, and can adapt to the climate characteristics of different regions in our country, and it is widely used in the whole country.

Our company adhere to the "people-oriented" business principles, focus on personnel training. At present,  the company's management staff has a doctorate, master's 4, 12 scientific and technical personnel, senior technical personnel and management personnel 25, its chief technical engineer graduated from University of Dortmund in germany, has formed a multi discipline complementary, high-quality   professional  R & D, scientific management team. We adhere to the "quality first" product concept, as the largest in the same industry in Shandong Province, the strength of the strongest external insulation materials manufacturers,we are the only comprehensive products enterprises that has a wall insulation binding mortar, mortar, adhesive polystyrene granule mortar, tile adhesive mortar, mortar interface, EPS XPS extruded polystyrene insulation board, insulation board, rivet, alkali resistant mesh cloth wall insulation in Shandong province. So far, the company has a total construction area of 5 million square meters in Tianjin, Beijing, Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei, Zhejiang, Jiangxi,, Shaanxi and other places .

In recent years, relying on Huaneng thermal insulation strong research and production capacity and aiming at the international frontier, in order to create the first brand of China foaming equipment and China's largest, the most professional, the most advanced foam Equipment Manufacturing Company, we cooperate with the United States, the United States, the domestic industry experts and joint venture to set up the country's only fully equipped with a complete set of foaming equipment business. Specializing in manufacturing:modification of polystyrene plate(gold plate) production equipment, CO2 environment-friendly  extruded XPS board production equipment,thermal insulation decoration integrated production equipment, PEF high foam production equipment, one step method(two step)  insulation  pipe  production  equipment, EPE polyethylene foamed sheet extrusion production line and other thermal equipment.

"Based on the forefront of technology, dedicated to energy saving and environmental protection" is the development concept and responsibility of Huaneng thermal insulation material Co., Ltd.To this end,we absorb the advanced science and technology about building energysaving  insulation technology and knowledge, for the tomorrow and future of building energy conservation and thermal insulation materials. We have the magnificent architecture of the modern enterprise and open global strategy, sincerely hope that at home and abroad person to discuss development plans for thermal insulation industry,contribute to the building energy saving and environmental protection, send the new experience of energy saving, environmental protection and heat preservation for thousands of families, for the construction of green building harmonious society!